Govt Introduces New ‘BH’ Bharat Number Series For Vehicles
New Bharat “BH” Number Series for Vehicles

The “BH” series is the result of citizen-centric steps to incorporate IT-based solutions that create positive changes to the current system by simplifying the registration process and facilitating the seamless transfer of vehicles between eligible owners.

The Department of Roads, Transportation and Highways recently announced a new series of numbers called New Bharat “BH” Number Series for Vehicles marked “BH” to facilitate vehicle movement.

However, one of the main points of the vehicle registration procedure, which still requires attention, is the re-registration of the vehicle when changing over to another state.

We will discuss the benefits and application process for new series, as well as who can apply for similar numbering in our series. All you need to know.

What is BH Number Series mean?

Well, simply stated, the Bharat Series is a recently enhanced numbering series to be used for vehicle registration across the country, especially for those vehicles that frequently change from one state to another due to their transferable jobs. owners or for any other reason.

The “BH” on the license plate stands for the term Bharat and will replace the state-specific alphabets on the license plate such as DL, UP, PB, etc.

How To Apply and Use for The BH Series Registration Plate?

Step 1: The vehicle owners will apply for a new plate at the origin RTO of the vehicle purchase and will provide the government-issued ID to prove the employment.

Step 2: The owner will pay road tax for only 2 years or in multiple of two, like 4 years or 6 years depending on the length of their tenure in the state where the car is purchased.

Step 3: Earlier, a ‘No Objection Certificate from the parent state for assigning a new registration mark in another state was needed. With the new BH series, and no state involved, no NOC is needed and the owner can directly apply for re-registration in the new state.

Step 4: The tax of said state will now be applicable and the owner can wait for the previous tenure to get over for new registration.

Step 5: However, if the new owner fails to renew the RC in the said time frame, a fine will be applicable as per MV Act if Traffic Police ever catches the vehicles.

Step 6: A refund is also applicable if the owner wants to pay the road tax of new state and still has time left from previous state. In that case, an application for a refund of the road tax in the parent state has to be filed.

Who can apply for a BH series number plate?

The BH series is not for everyone. This special plaque can be requested by an employee of the administration or a public sector, state or center organization. A private sector employee with offices in more than four states or union territories is also eligible.

“BH” series vehicle registration facility will be available to defense personnel and Central employees government, state governments, central / state USPs and private sector companies / organizations, which have their own offices in five or more states / territories of the Union as employees of these services have transferable jobs moving from interstate every 2-3 years.

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The procedure to re-register a vehicle in another state?

Currently, the owner of a car to re-register the vehicle must obtain a non-opposition certificate from the parent state for the award of a new registration mark in another state.

In addition, the assignment of the new registration mark takes place after the payment of the pro rata road tax in the new state. The owners had to claim the amount already paid to the state in which the vehicle was registered. The government says the new rules will put an end to this “cumbersome process”.

BH series number Registration Fees

For vehicles priced below ₹ 10 lakh, the applicant is required to pay 8% of the vehicle price that will be charged for the BH series number plate application.

The tax rate for the vehicle priced between ₹ 10-20 lakh is 10%.

If the vehicle price exceeds ₹ 20 lakh, the owner will have to pay 12% of the vehicle price to get a BH series number plate.

Benefits of New ‘BH’ Bharat Number Series for Vehicles?

While a person can deposit a vehicle for 12 months in any state other than where it was originally registered, the new registration must be completed in the new state registry within 12 months.

With the new auto insurance line, motor vehicle tax will be applied for two years, or in multiples of two years.

This scheme will facilitate the free movement of private vehicles in any state of India after moving to a new state.

Also, when reselling a car, a new state registration is required, as it is very difficult to find a new owner in a new state with an old state registration vehicle. The new range of vehicles will also facilitate the transfer of ownership of used vehicles.

How to Read Number Plate?

BH Bharat Series Number compressed

The new serial number plate will have the format YY BH #### XX where

  • YY represents the year of the first registration
  • BH represents the Bharat serial code
  • #### representing the word number from 0000 to 9999 (random)
  • XX means the alphabet (from AA to ZZ).

Look at the BH series number

The format of this new series is YY BH #### XX. YY is for the year of registration, BH is Bharat, followed by a computer generated vehicle number (four numbers) and alphabets.

BH series vehicle registration online

Previously, under the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, a vehicle registered in one state if held in another state for more than 12 months was subject to reassignment.

For a new registration in the new state, the vehicle owner must apply with other documents, such as a NOC, receipt, postal receipt and various other documents. The whole registration process was complicated and time-consuming.

Now, with the introduction of the BH series license plate, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has made it easy and hassle-free to re-register a vehicle in a new state. The new rule was introduced on August 28 and registrations for number plates will start on September 15.

If you are also willing to get a BH series license plate but don’t have enough information about it, read this article. Here you will get all the information about the newly changed rule and license plate.

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Road Tax Slabs for BH Series Number Plate

While on a normal vehicle, road tax must be paid for 15 years, for vehicles registered in the BH series, road tax will only be paid for 2 years, after which time owners can move to another state and pay the applicable tax as per state policy.

Price of CarRoad Tax on EVRoad Tax on Petrol, CNG CarsRoad Tax on Diesel Cars
Below 10 Lakh6%8%10%
10 Lakh – 20 Lakh8%10%12%
> 20 Lakh10%12%14%

The new rules coming into effect?

Central Motor Vehicle Rules (Twentieth Amendment), 2021, will take effect on September 15, 2021, according to the government notification. The registration mark for the BH series vehicle will be randomly generated through the portal.

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