ZipCharge teases next “game-changing product” ahead of the global launch on Earth Day
The new product will overcome the challenges associated with level 2 AC public charging and provide affordable, affordable charging that is accessible to all, no matter where they park or live.

ZipCharge releases first image of its next breakthrough product ahead of global launch on Earth Day April 22, 2022.

The new product will overcome the challenges associated with level 2 AC public charging and provide affordable, affordable charging that is accessible to all, no matter where they park or live.

The announcement is in response to recent plans by the US and UK national governments to expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure, with a focus on street, rural and underrepresented communities.

From the makers of Go, the world’s first portable electric vehicle charger for consumer use, a wheeled power bank that allows electric vehicle drivers to charge wherever they park.

ZipCharge, the company behind the Go portable EV powerbank, has appointed Mouve and Co. to consult and advise on its growth.

Mouve and Co., based in Canada, specialises in working with startups across electrification, connectivity, autonomy, and mobility industries.

The consultants will be looking to assist ZipCharge with strategic alliances and explore opportunities for the company to play a role in the entire smart energy value chain and power management.

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“Our mission it to make EV ownership accessible for all, removing all barriers for owners transitioning to electric vehicles. This appointment is a key component of ZipCharge’s growth strategy as we rapidly move towards the on-sale date of the game-changing Go portable charger. It also boosts our ambitious plans to develop new products that will help transform the EV ecosystem, making electric vehicle ownership a possibility for everyone,” says Jonathan Carrier, ZipCharge’s co-founder.

“Mouve and its leadership team understand the challenges and opportunities of realising growth in the fast-evolving automotive industry and the shift to electrification and mobility. The team’s guidance and contribution as long-term advisors will be an essential building block in firmly establishing ZipCharge as a leader in the field of EV charging and smart energy management.”

ZipCharge’s Go powerbank is the size of a small wheeled suitcase that can be charged at home and taken with you whenever you’re out and about with an EV. It offers up to 20 miles of range in a little more than 30 minutes of charging.

The company is planning to offer the Go to customers as a service, with monthly subscriptions starting from £49 per month. Outright purchases, however, will still be available.

“ZipCharge is a terrific business with a transformative product and a huge opportunity both for growth and to help more people be able to own and use electric vehicles. We are looking forward to helping support its growth strategy through investment and establishing what we know will be a hugely successful long-term partnership,” says Jean-Francois Tremblay, Mouve and Co. co-founder.

ZipCharge teases next “game-changing product” ahead of the global launch on Earth Day

ZipCharge co-founder Jonathan Carrier said: “We are at a critical juncture in our need to protect the planet and take even more important steps to decarbonise society and manage our energy consumption. Wiser for our common good. integrates and serves its community, not only for energy compensation, but also for its smarter management, only for charging the electric car.

“From the beginning, ZipCharge has committed to democratizing energy and making electric car charging more accessible. Now it’s our turn to make electric car charging part of an intelligent system. Energy to make it more inclusive and democratic.” We are excited to be able to show the next phase of our journey and to change the way people get energy everywhere so that we can create benefits for each and every community, wherever they live, whether they travel and how they trade.

“Our announcement is a natural evolution of ZipCharge Go and will serve to further remove common barriers to electric car ownership by bringing recharging to anyone who is currently unable to join their home. In the UK alone, 8.5 million or 40% of households do not own a car. reserved or off-street parking, otherwise this figure is 60%, for example in Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea, and in large cities in the USA, China and India.

It will be affordable, resilient and sustainable

ZipCharge will present a solution that combines charging and energy to support the global energy transition and acceleration of renewable energy. ZipCharge will show how infrastructure can manage energy more intelligently, efficiently and sustainably.

A circular approach to integrated second life battery storage

GoHubs reuse ZipCharge Go’s exhausted batteries as an integrated energy storage system. This presents a truly circular approach to extending battery life and usability while reducing costs. ESS integrated into GoHubs provides resilience to the local grid by charging Go chargers at times of peak grid demand, powering portable chargers at times of peak power demand, reducing grid dependency and building resilience.

High performance battery and power electronics

Inside are carefully packed cells of the high energy density NMC lithium-ion battery and associated power electronics. A bidirectional AC-DC inverter allows bidirectional charging from the grid to the unit and from the unit to the grid, so the power bank can be used to store energy at low cost and feed it back into the grid at peak times. A built-in communication module supports OCPP-compliant smart charging, over-the-air updates, remote diagnostics, and coupled with geo-fencing and tracking technology, provides added security and peace of mind.

ZipCharge co-founder Richie Sibal says, “Our technical approach to designing the Go as a lightweight, compact and safe charging solution, and then transforming it into an electric vehicle charging platform, reflects our intention to combine the development of battery-based systems with the lowest possible future environmental impact “.

The ZipCharge

Engineered to the same standards as automotive electronics, the lightweight ZipCharge Go power bank is the size of a compact suitcase that can be recharged on a GoHub, at home, or on the go using a standard household outlet at a lower cost. kWh of electricity compared to public charging on the road. Using the retractable handle, users take it to where they parked their electric vehicle and plug it into the charging port. The port locks the charging cable and secures the charger with the vehicle.

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Over the past six months, the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union have announced ambitious plans to develop electric car charging infrastructure at the national level.

The Biden-arHarris Electric Car Charging Action Plan aims to deploy 500,000 chargers by 2030, supporting $ 7.5 billion in electric car infrastructure investments.

In March, the British government published its strategy for electricity infrastructure, which set a target of 300,000 public billing sites by 2030.

The government is investing £ 500 million to bring public compensation points to communities in the UK, including £ 450 million to increase street billing for the unemployed.

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