Upcoming Electric Bike in india 2022
Upcoming Electric Bike in india 2022

Here is a list of all the upcoming electric bikes that are expected to go on sale in India 20212022.

Upcoming Electric Bike in india 2022
Upcoming Electric Bike in india 2022

The electric bikes of the future include Bajaj Chetak 2022, Honda Activa Electric and Hero Electric AE-29.


Ducati is famous for its state-of-the-art sports equipment with its long longevity and amazing appearance, without a doubt, the Ducati machine has the world’s cold water engine with great power and incredible

torque. Ducati tire treads are a special feature of this class motorcycle, they provide more comfort while riding.

Ducati will soon be rolling out its electric-powered model that will have some amazing features that have never been seen before. The Ducati e-bike model will have a high digital speed as well as a digital odometer, a travel meter and a tachometer.

It will have a good automatic start with brake disc front and back. It will have a well-changing back shock as well as an ongoing connection.

A powerful rechargeable battery will be used for longer durability as well as longer performance. It will transform the world of sports motorcycles with the introduction of all new motors from Ducati.

Suzuki Burgman

Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited (SMIPL) is investigating the electronic version of the Suzuki Bergman road and in the spy movies we see that the Suzuki Electric Scooter is ready to ride.

So far there are no details on the performance and features of the Suzuki Bergman electric road, but we expect it to be a multifunctional electric motorcycle with a top speed of around 80 km / h and a length of 75 km. By distance. The scooter is expected to hit the market in early 2022.

Raft Indrajeet

The Indrajeet is an electric motor coming from a Raft motor. The company will start its electric motors in March 2022. Coming to the specifications of electric motors, it has a motor capacity of 3 kW and a battery of 3 kWh, which can be discharged. It has a top speed of 85 km / h and a maximum speed of 120 km.

It takes 5 hours to charge and has a load capacity of 160kg. The initial exhibition price of the Raft Indrajeet was 1 lakh 77,000 rupees and after the relief, it would be reduced to 1 lakh 25,000 rupees.

Surge 10k

The Surge 10k is an electric bike that goes beyond electric bikes. The launch of Surge 10k has been postponed for last year and today. The company will launch an electric bike in January 2022. Take a look at the specifications for the electric bike, it has a motor power of 5 kW and a negative battery power of 3.1 kW h.

It has a maximum speed of 120 km / h and is fully charged 150 km. Thanks to 2 extra batteries, the distance can be increased to 450 km. It can charge up to 80% in 1 hour, and its capacity is 200 to 250 kg.

The expected value of Surge 10k is 1 lakh 35 Thousand.

Enigma Cafe Racer

Cafe Racer is an electric car that comes from Enigma Electric. The company plans to release this electric motor in 2022. According to the specifications of the electric motor, it has a powerful electric motor near 6 kW and offers a top speed of 136 km / h.

It offers a range with a total charge of 140 km and its charging time is 5 hours and its charging capacity is 180 kg and the company offers a 5 year battery warranty.

The cost of the first showroom of Cafe Racer Enigma should be 2 Lakh.

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