Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg pitches electric vehicles to Texans
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg pitches electric vehicles to Texans

The Biden administration kicked off its electric vehicle campaign in the Texas state capitol on Thursday, with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg explaining why Austinites should ditch gas-powered cars.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg pitches electric vehicles to Texans
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg pitches electric vehicles to Texans

“Some of the best opportunities for electric cars are in places like Texas, where people spend more time in their cars, where you drive longer than in coastal cities. , so spend more money on gas and therefore it will save more money, as long as you can afford an electric car, that’s why we are fighting to make electric cars more affordable down,” Buttigieg told the crowd at a large panel discussion at the Texas Tribune Festival.

The $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, which Buttigieg passed on to Congress last year, includes $7.5 billion for electric vehicle infrastructure and $7 billion for supply chains related to the minerals needed for electric vehicles. A large network of charging stations will be needed in Texas, the second largest state in America with about 3,400 kilometers of interstate highways.

Multifamily housing, which is common in big cities like Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin, presents its own challenges due to lack of rent, but rural Texans may not have the same problem. the body.

“In rural areas, you have a high proportion of people living in single-family homes. Remember, solving the weight problem is easier if you have the opportunity to live in a family home, “Butigieg said.” Just put it here, put it in your garage.

Texas’ redundant energy technology can also be a barrier to converting to electric vehicles, with extreme weather events in the winter and summer making electricity supply uncertain.

The Texas Department of Transportation said the February 2021 winter storm knocked out the power grid for days in parts of Texas. Recently, the Texas Electric Reliability Board called on residents to save energy in July during the summer that stretches the grid.

Buttigieg said some electric cars could charge themselves and work as generators.

Dr. Christopher Yang, an Austin surgeon, actually used his Rivian R1T van as a backup to perform a vasectomy at his clinic earlier this month, according to WGLT. “I’m not sure that this (vasectomy) will be planned with a truck,” Yang told local media. “But it’s great to have that as a backup just in case.”

The Affordable Care Act, which Congress passed last month, added a $7,500 credit for consumers who purchase electric vehicles, but only if the vehicle’s final assembly takes place in North America. Texas also already offers a $2,500 rebate for the purchase of an electric vehicle.

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