Nearly 50,000 electric vehicle owners in Rajasthan are yet to receive the refund they are entitled to under the state government's electric vehicle policy

The policy, which was implemented in 2022, provides for a refund of up to 50% of the purchase price of an electric vehicle.

The refund is intended to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles in the state. However, many owners have complained that they have been waiting for months to receive their refunds

An official from the state transport department said that the delay in issuing the refunds is due to the fact that the department has not received all the necessary approvals

The official said that the approvals are expected to be received soon, and that the refunds will be issued as soon as possible.

The delay in issuing the refunds has caused frustration among electric vehicle owners. Some owners have said that they are considering selling their electric vehicles because they..

The state government has been urged to expedite the process of issuing the refunds. The government has said that it is committed to promoting the use of electric vehicles

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